What is it?

A dental examination shows how healthy your mouth is.  After the examination, you and your dentist can discuss the results and plan the best way to deal with any problems.

What happens?

As well as looking in your mouth, the dentist will ask you some questions.

These may include:

  • Why you’ve come for an examination.
  • Any problems you’ve noticed.
  • Your general health and any medicines you might be taking.
  • Your diet.
  • How you clean your teeth.
  • Tobacco and alcohol use.

You should expect your dentist to:

  • Look at your face and neck to see that they are healthy.
  • Feel under your jaw.
  • Look inside your mouth, at your tongue, your cheeks and lips, the roof of your mouth and the back of your throat.
  • Look at your teeth and gums to see whether they are healthy.
  • Compare your mouth now with how it was when they last saw you.

The benefits

  • Regular examinations mean that your dentist can spot problems and correct them early before the treatment becomes complicated.
  • A thorough examination helps you and your dentist look after your mouth and prevent future problems occurring.

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