Tooth Brushing

There are two types of toothbrushes-electric / battery powered and manual.

ELECTRIC toothbrushes are either an oscillating / rotary type or a vibration type. They allow better access to difficult to reach teeth and areas of the mouth. People who brush to hard can benefit since the action is stopped with too much pressure. Many have a two minute timer.

MANUAL toothbrushes should be of a medium texture with a medium sized head. The brush should be held at 45 degree angle where the gum and tooth meet, using small circular motions for effective plaque removal and to minimise tooth wear through over brushing. Search for the Bass Technique on YouTube. Whichever brush you are using you should always brush for at least two minutes, twice daily.

Important! Electric / Battery toothbrush heads do not look as worn as manual brushes. However, for optimal cleaning they should not be used of longer than 3 months.


Interdental cleaning

Cleaning in between your teeth is essential for gum health and to reduce the risk of decay.

There are different means of cleaning between the teeth including floss and interdental brushes.
Interdental cleaning is the most overlooked aspect of brushing. Many think that good brushing means there is no need for interdental cleaning. Unfortunately, even electric toothbrushes do not reach the plaque between the teeth.

Over the course of a day, plaque and food will form in between your teeth. If left, this debris can cause dental decay and gum disease. Cleaning in between your teeth makes sure that you are cleaning your mouth as thoroughly as possible.

By using floss or interdental brushes at least once a day you can keep your gums healthy. Interdental brushes are easier to use than floss and remove more plaque from larger spaces.

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