What we offer

We provide all NHS treatment available and in addition have a contract to provide NHS orthodontics to under 18's. We provide private treatment on request and can arrange onward referral for specialist treatment both in the NHS at the Dental hospital or privately.


NHS dental treatment includes all treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health. In some instances treatment is not available or allowable under the NHS e.g. white fillings on back teeth, and private options may be available. In the practice we have information about the cost of NHS treatment. Your dentist will advise you of the cost of any private treatment. We offer a wide range of preventative and cosmetic dentistry, protective mouthguards etc. On occasion patients may be referred for specialist advice and treatment when this is in their best interests. For example, some surgical procedures may be difficult to accomplish under local anaesthesia and require hospital facilities.

NHS Charges

Charges for NHS treatment are set nationally. These usually change in April each year. These are non negotiable and must be payable at the time of the appointment. You will be given an estimate for any charges above the Band 1 charge.

If you need help with charges or have paid when you were entitled to benefits, please use the NHS forms found on our leaflets page.

Exemption from NHS charges

You may be exempt from NHS charges, please see the FAQ page or the NHS charges page.

Private Treatment

NHS patients can opt to have part of their treatment privately. Private treatment gives you more time with your dentist as well as a personal service, greater choice of materials and higher quality laboratory work for improved aesthetics. Cosmetic treatment is excluded from the NHS. Sometimes the private charge is less than the NHS charges which are more rigid. Each situation would be discussed with you prior to provision of treatment and you would be given a written estimate. No work would be started without your consent. Examples of some typical charges are displayed on our notice boards and on the website. Please feel free to ask about private options at any time. For some treatments we may suggest referring you to a specialist.

Emergency Treatment

We will offer you an appointment usually within 24 hours during normal business hours so long as you are a regular patient. The times of these are in accordance with any spaces in our appointment schedule. It is up to you whether you accept this time or choose to wait for a more convenient time.

Infection Control

The practice is committed to protecting your health. We are very highly equipped and conform to current Best Practice. We exceed all of the standards required by HTM 01 05 thanks to our recent investment in new facilities.

Your Rights

You have various rights as to what to expect from your treatment here. These are summarised on the following pages.


Whilst we hope you have no reason to complain, if you feel the need to do so, more information can be found on the complaints page.

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